Perforated Sheets

(Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum) Whether functional or decorative,IMCC‘s perforated sheets are the first choice in perforated products Perforated sheets can be used to benefit in many situations, e.g noise and weight reduction, air control, filtration, as a decorative finish or simply for anti-skid flooring. The varied qualities offered by perforated sheets make them ideal for sorting, facades, ceilings, lamps, shelves, shielding, stairs and many other applications, far too many to mention!

Availability of tooling

from Euroe Directly We can supply thousands of different patterns available and ready for production. However, if we do not have tooling for the exact pattern you require, our modern and well equipped tooling department is able to produce cost effective tooling, enabling us to supply perforated products exactly to your request. buying from IMCC puts in palm of you hand our large programmed of perforated sheets held in stock in Kuwait & Europe or be inspired by our pattern catalogue. As we deal with the worlds largest manufacturer and supplier of perforated products we are the only partner you need!

Round Hole Perforation

SievesWhether used for technical or decorative applications, round hole perforations are the most frequently used in perforated products. Geometrically, a round hole is the most solid shape. Round hole perforations provide the possibility of a large open area and strength and comes in triangular, diagonal,. straight or staggered rows and also with decorative holes Our perforated sheets with round hole perforations are used in many applications for example:

for agriculture (sieves for sorting/grading of seeds and stones) for the building industry for the recycling industry (sorting of bulk materials)

Protection and ventilation sheets

Round holes are often used for acoustics and safety for the IT industry, as well as machinery construction for protection and ventilation panels. Round holes offer a large ventilation opening with effective protection for the machine parts inside.


Round hole perforations offer an aesthetic decorative privacy shield and increases protection against the sun, and are also used for infill panels in balconies and balustrade panels. Take inspiration offered by the vast number of possibilities and feel free to contact us for further information. Metal Service Center

Square hole perforation

As with round holes, whether functional or decorative, perforated sheets with square holes can be used in many different ways. Square holes can be supplied with parallel rows, diagonal rows or staggered rows. In addition, square hole perforations allow a high open area for applications such as ventilation and guards. Some examples of applications for perforated sheets with square hole perforation.

Safety and ventilation sheets

Ventilation and safety guards for the machine building industry Ventilation and security covers for computer server chassis


Screens for defusing and sun protection Balconies and balustrades

Slot hole perforation

Slot hole perforations can have either round ends or square ends (rectangular holes) and are typically used for sieves. Depending on the application requirements there are a range of slotted holes and patterns e.g staggered or straight rows, herring bone and chessboard from which to select. Get inspiration from the numerous possibilities of perforation and please ask for any advice.

A few applications for slot hole perforated sheets

Sieves for grain drying and sorting Malting floors (drying-kiln and germ-hutches) Sieves for seed processing machinery are used in both the pre-cleaning and main cleaning of grain, maize, oil seeds, legumes, malt, rice, coffee and soy beans. The cleaning and sorting of seeds (malformed, discoloured, germinated, broken, contaminated with other species or mouldy grains in seed lots) can severely impact seed quality, viability and vigour and therefore the market value. When used for this application RMIG sieves achieve high quality cleaning and accurate sorting of seeds.

Sieves for sorting machines

Sieves for revolving screen machines. Test sieves for grain according to DIN/ISO 3310. Laboratory sieves with a high degree of accuracy

Food processing industries

Fodder and grain mills

Recycling industries

Separation. Pellets and granulates production

Hexagonal perforation

Achieve high open areas with hexagonal perforation.

Maximum ventilation

The need for effective cooling is increasing for many technical products. Flexible solutions and innovative products like our hexagonal perforation patterns are the answer.The hexagonal perforation provides an extremely high open area of up to 85%. Sheets with holes of this configuration are very lightweight. The stability of the parent material is of the utmost importance to maintain the shape of a honeycomb structure. This pattern produces an appealing, timeless design suitable for current and future product applications.

The ability to control airflow can be used not only for cooling, but also the opposite effect using a targeted heat supply.


Whether it is racks or server cabinets the heat developed from the integrated systems and components must be removed to the outside efficiently, which is usually achieved by using internal fan modules. A sheet with a hexagonal perforation provides a very large open area giving optimal ventilation. Thanks to the high air flow, temperatures can be kept constant in the cabinet, whereas the other areas of the cabinet can remain obscured by non-perforated areas and are therefore protected.


The need to cool heat producing parts of machines and engines e.g. tractors and other vehicles is a traditional application for perforated sheet metal products. Depending on the chosen open area, the heat can either be dissipated or be re-circulated. Small hexagon perforated sheets can also be used as protection against insects in the engine compartment.

Bridge slot perforation

Bridge slot perforation is a special perforation manufactured with exacting precision. The combination of heavy sheet thickness and very fine openings provides great resistance for filtering and ventilation.

Applications for bridge slot sheets

Bridge slot perforation is often used for water drainage shafts and in chemical processing. Bridge slot perforation is typically used for: Drying and storing solid matters and materials of all kinds including herbs, tea, grain and grass seed, maize, rape and wood chips Filters for fountains and drainage The open area of bridge slot perforation is variable and depends on the depth of embossing. An embossed depth of 1.5 mm (suitable for rape seed) provides an open area of 3.7 % for ventilation. Another example are sheets with an embossed depth of 3.0 mm giving an open area of 9.1%.


Trieur sheets are used for cleaning and sorting particularly grain and seeds.

TrieurThe size of the “pockets” depend on your requirements, however the shape of the “pockets” is the most important consideration for the performance of the machine. RM Trieur sheets are cut to size according to your specific requirements and then rolled or welded into a cylinder. These products offer you the highest quality for sorting and separating seeds to minimize your waste. RM Trieur sheets are made of steel or stainless steel.


Ornamental Perforation

Discover the world of ornamental perforation.

You are familiar with all the usual perforation patterns, but would like to offer something new and exciting to give the final product that extra special touch! Why not try using ornamental perforation? Experience the unconventional patterns in the world of perforation. The extent of ornamental perforation increases month by month. Applications such as sun screens, protection screens or facade panels are just a few applications to mention and there are so many more possibilities for the use of ornamental perforated sheets.

Embossed Sheets

It is the indiscriminate reflection of light that creates impressive architecture, made possible by the use of Embossed sheets.

Architectural applications

Embossed sheets are often used as decorative elements within a wide range of applications such as simple cover plates, shop decorations or sophisticated facade claddings. The sheets are opaque and have a stylish visual effect due to their texture.

Anti Slip applications

Embossed sheets are also used for pure functional applications: for example as platforms for gang-ways and machine parts, mainly as an anti-skid application. Depending on the form and type of embossing, the sheets can be used where various anti-skid and stiffening properties are required. Such patterns are seen in the transportation sector. Similarly, the sheets can be used where both decorative and functional requirements have to be met, for example,. indoor swimming pools and shipbuilding

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