Rolling Grille Doors

logoIndustrial Metal Center the sole agent of Gunther Tore Company since 1999. Gunther Tore offers safe and individual solutions in top quality for industrial and residential requirements. They escort you finding a solution for the requirements from the design and quotation to the production and installation up to the system start-up and periodical maintenance. A combination of IMCCK and Gunther Tores experience know-how from 14 years of door manufacturing for worldwide satisfied customers for their advantage.

Gunther GRR-50 Aluminum Rolling Grille

Rolling shutter aluminum grill curtain 10mm spacer with vertical links 3mm Thk. 50mm Height fitted with GI steel rod 8mm Thk. Can be used on width up to 14 mtrs and height up to 4 mtrs NOTE: cannot be powder coated (mill finish aluminum)


Local Aluminum Rolling Grille

Rolling shutter curtain 2.5mm Thk. Polycarbonate pieces 200mm long connected by stainless steel tube 12mm diameter. Slat per meter door height 10 slats. Maximum width 7 meters usable width 6 mtrs usable height 4 meters weight 6kg / m2 maximum door opening

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  • 23/10/2011
    Saudi Build Exhibition (16 - 19 October 2011)

  • 17/05/2013
    Project Qatar Exhibition (11 - 14 May 2013)

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